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Squash Cornbread Casserole

It is summer and the garden is going gang busters. 

I’ve been feeding my family squash almost daily. That means it is time to get creative!

Since I love cornbread casserole, I thought maybe it could be done with squash vs. corn. So, I got busy whipping some up in the kitchen. Of course I didn’t have a recipe, so I improvised.

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White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

You need to make these cookies…ASAP. You will love them, I promise. Pinky swear! You won’t regret it.

White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal CookiesThese are easy-peasy, no fail cookies that your family and friends are sure to love. They are delicious! I bake them all the time. Sometimes just for the kids, sometimes for functions…they are really good and easy to make.
cookie 2

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The Muddy Mississippi Cake 

If  you love chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and coconut, this is your dream cake.  

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Easy Skillet Cornbread

Something that I L.O.V.E. is cornbread! I guess that explains how deep my Texas roots are! We are serious about our cornbread.

I put myself through college waiting tables. One of the restaurants I worked in put sweet cornbread out on the tables. People ate it up like chips and hot sauce. It was delicious.


While it is easy to whip up a store-bought bag of cornbread and add some milk and egg, I want to encourage you with everything in me to try this homemade version. It is fantabulous!! I mean it!

It’s not the sweet kind, but it is amazing none-the-less. It can easily be passed off as dessert. It is the perfect compliment to beans. And, be sure and butter it with the real stuff.


The cast iron skillet has much to do with the yum factor … so don’t underestimate the power of the iron people! If you don’t have one, get one! They sell them at Academy and Amazon! Even Facebook has a group for the serious cast iron folks. It’s a big deal…I’m telling you.
Buy a bag of yellow corn meal and keep it in your freezer so you can make this regularly.

I didn’t invent this recipe, but I adapted as fast as I could. Let me bow down to The Pioneer Woman for this amazing creation! She’s just across the way a bit in Oklahoma so we could be cornbread sisters. Scoot on over to her page here and get the recipe! It’s easy and awesome.


10 Secrets to Baking the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies 

If I had to pick one dessert that I make the most often, this would be it. Chocolate chip cookies! They seem to be everyone’s favorite, and they don’t last long at our house.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe – Cream Based

Rest assured when Summer arrives, I will blog more about the farm and less about the food! Until then, I’m locked indoors so I will continue to cook. 

You can thank me later. 


The Cookie That Made My Hips Grow

You are about to read about an amazing cookie: The Texas Sheet Cake Cookie!

Can this be true?

That was my question when I saw this recipe over at Cookies and Cups.

The Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake might be the best cake on the planet. It’s hard to say 100% because I love all cake. But there is something about butter, sugar and cocoa that just makes me want to sing … Hallelujah!!  

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Crepes crepes and more crepes

You know what is appealing about a crepe? It’s just a pancake in another form! And, I do love a pancake! (See my favorite recipe here.)

I’m not a crepe expert, as a matter of fact, I had never made them. So, I did my research! I consulted the Internet for an expert. She sounded like she knew what she was talking about so I dove in and gave it a whirl.  

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Chicken and Dumpling Recipe with Biscuits

The ultimate winter comfort food. This meal is always popular at my house. 

I’ve been making chicken and dumplings forever. And, each time I make them, they come out different. For that reason, I hesitated to post this recipe. But, cooking is trial and error, and you will not get better until you jump in and try it … over and over.

 I have never actually made real dumplings. I prefer biscuits. The best kind of biscuit is the cheap, smaller biscuit. Do not use the big giant ones that you love to eat for breakfast.

For years I just used chicken, salt/pepper and biscuits, but lately I’ve been using the recipe below. It gives it more pizzazz. It still comes out a little different every time I make it. Mainly it is consistency that varies for me.

Loosely adapted from Paula Dean’s recipe here.

1 whole chicken (boiled and deboned)
3 ribs of celery, chopped
1 large onion chopped
2 bay leaves
2 chicken bouillon cubes
1 or 2 teaspoons of pepper
1/2 teaspoon of salt (the bouillon cubes and soup add plenty of salt)
a dash of garlic powder
1 can of cream of celery or chicken soup
4 cans of biscuits
1 to 2 cups of flour

Place the whole chicken, celery, onion, bouillon and spices in large pot.  Add 4 quarts of water and bring to a simmer. Boil chicken until meat easily starts falling off the bone. Remove chicken from water, set aside and let it cool.

Once the chicken is cool enough to handle, remove the skin and discard it. Then, remove meat from the bone by using a fork to pull it away from bone. Return the meat to the juices.  Add the cream of celery soup to the pot and simmer gently over low to medium heat.

*Alternate step: Sometimes I dump all or half of the used chicken water out and replace it with fresh, canned chicken broth. This is personal preference. 

Next, pour 1 to 2 cups of flour on to a plate. Cut biscuits into fourths. Roll in flour until covered and drop into hot liquid. Repeat until all four cans are done. (You may only need 3 cans depending on how much liquid is available.) The flour will thicken your broth.

Do not stir once the biscuits are included. Use a spoon to push them under the liquid and all the biscuits are covered. This is the tricky part. You never want to over-stir dumplings. But, they tend to stick to the bottom of the pot. The heat has to be hot enough to cook them quickly, but not too hot or the dumplings will stick to the bottom and burn. If they stick, try to run the spoon along the bottom of the pot to unstick them but don’t stir. However, when in doubt, it’s better to stir than to burn!

I always prefer having lots of juice.  This requires less dumplings. Monitor your broth to dumpling ratio. Know it will thicken as it cooks. Feel free to add some more broth if you need it, but heat it first.

 Good luck! I hope you enjoy your dumplings.


Frozen on the Farm: Sour Cream Coconut Cake

The farm is frozen. 

The animals are bunkered down and trying to stay warm while this three-day freeze passes over us. It was 70 degrees on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been much above 20 today. 
My family needed me to make something sweet. After all, they ate the last cake I made in under 24 hours, so it was imperative that I make another one. 

Since the weather is cold and icy, I haven’t been to town in a couple of days. That translates to …  I had to find a recipe with ingredients I had on hand. 

Once again, I turned to one of my favorite cookbooks. 
Dream with God
Have you ever heard of Dream Whip? It looks like this. 
Dream with God

I had never heard of it until a friend of mine used it one day. I actually laughed hysterically when she showed it to me. My first impression was that it was fake cool whip. For some reason I found that really funny. I assume it’s an older version of something we have since replaced with regular cool whip or pudding. 

This was my first time to see it in a cake. I see it sprinkled throughout this old cookbook. It might have been the new kid on the block in 1978 when this cookbook was printed. 
The recipe calls for mixing all the ingredients together at once, but I always recommend adding the eggs one at a time. And this one has 4 eggs, so mix accordingly. And of course I always advocate for fresh eggs.  They make everything better. By the way, I’m sure I have some frozen ones in a nest right about now. 
Dream with God

The recipe also calls for three round pans, but I wasn’t sure the icing would hold up. I went with a 9×13. Call me lazybones! 
I used a plain, boxed, butter cake mix but any white or yellow cake will do. Pillsbury is my favorite brand of boxed cake.
Dream with God
Bake it up at 350 for 30-35 minutes. Then let it cool. 
I mixed up the frosting and put it in the fridge until the cake cooled.
The icing recipe leaves you wondering on the correct quantities. I used about 12 oz of sour cream, 3 cups of powdered sugar and a full bag of coconut. It tastes great but it has the consistency of tapioca pudding. Good thing I went with the 9×13 pan.  
Dream with God
The kids have whined because it has coconut in it, but I’m betting it won’t be here in 24 hours!
Here is the finished result! 
Dream with God

The cake is totally different than anything I’ve had before. It’s really good, but so different I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not overly sweet, but sweet. The sour cream almost gives it a cream cheese consistency, but without the smoothness.
Dream with God
The cake is moist and has a little bit of a sponge consistency. And it doesn’t taste like a box cake. The dream whip did its job! 
I’m thinking this is an old-school flavor that I’m not familiar with…but I liked it. My husband liked it too. The kids haven’t tried it yet. 
Give it a whirl and tell me what you think. Make it for your grandmother and see if it reminds her of something from long ago. 

1 boxed cake, yellow or white
1 package of dream whip
4 farm fresh eggs
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of oil

3 cups of powdered sugar
12 oz of sour cream
1 bag of coconut flakes

CAKE: Mix the cake ingredients together, blending the eggs in one at a time. Bake at 350 degrees in a greased 9×13 inch pan.

ICING: Mix powdered sugar, sour cream and coconut together. Once cake has cooled, spread the icing over the cake. Store in the refrigerator.


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