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Chicken Puns

If you have follow me on facebook, you have seen my chicken puns. But, I thought I would share them here on the blog. They aren’t all about chickens, there is one with a rabbit and one with a dog. It’s all in good fun.

Do you  have any good puns? If so, leave them in the comments and you just might see them in a photo.


People Will Stare

Merry Chickmas

Half Past Hen


I suspect fowl play



Organic Easter Egg Hunting

Yesterday afternoon my hens took me on an egg hunt. It’s not quite time for Easter, but what the heck! We adults never get to hunt eggs! I went to let the hens out of their coop. In the meantime, my hubby and I were trying to get the garden in order. Our containers that we use for container gardening were lined up against the fence. They had been sitting there since we moved over a year ago. When I went over to start moving them, this is what I found!

A present! I like presents. There hadn’t been any eggs in the normal nest for the past couple of days. This explains why! I grabbed the eggs and took them inside. When I went back the second time to move the containers, this is what I found.

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