The reason this blog is called Crazy on the Farm is because something crazy is always happening around here. Most of that craziness revolves around all the animals that come and go.

Stray Mama DogAbout four weeks ago, a pregnant dog showed up at our house. We live pretty far out in the country so chances are someone dropped her off.

The minute I got home, stopped my car and opened the door the dog came running up to me whimpering and “talking” to me. She looked relieved to see me, but was desperately trying to communicate something.  It didn’t take me long to notice she was very pregnant. Her health was poor and she was really skinny…except for the baby bump.

Dog Pen Stray As the evening wore on I could tell by her breathing and restlessness she was laboring and looking for a place to have those puppies. She followed me around the yard and sniffed out each new spot she saw. Her preferred spot was close to the house and on the porch. I made her a make-shift area and fenced it off to keep the other dogs away from her. It was actually raining so I draped a tarp over the pen. She took to the spot immediately and settled down.

The next morning around 7:00 a.m. I could hear some rustling around. I immediately went outside to see how Mama Dog was doing. She was in full labor and had already had two puppies. I wasn’t sure how many she would have because she didn’t look super big.

Puppies Crazy on the FarmShe labored from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and ended up birthing 9 puppies!! Unfortunately, one was born dead. In the next few days, she would lose three more. They were so small and could not fight their way in to eat. Plus, it took her milk a while to really come in strong. The bigger ones seemed to get what little bit of milk she had. We tried to nurse the little ones but that didn’t work. They were probably unhealthy to begin with.

The five remaining puppies have done great and appear to be healthy. It turns out Mama Dog is a good mama. She keeps a very close eye on them. She is super friendly but keeps a close eye on all the other dogs, not letting them get too close.

Now, they are four weeks old and they have started walking really well and venturing off the porch and into the grass.  Like all puppies, they are super cute. There is one little runt that is tiny in comparison. Since this is not our dog, we can’t be sure what breed they are. But, they certainly look like Australian Shepard and maybe a Border Collie mix.

Mama Dog and Puppies

Mama Dog has great manners and is extremely friendly. She instantly got along with our seven other dogs…which is rare. She is calm and doesn’t jump all over us. She sits at your feet, just waiting to be petted. We assume she was dropped off, but there is always the slight chance she belongs to someone and maybe got lost. I feel terrible if someone is looking for her.  I’ve plastered her photo all over facebook but no one has claimed her.

You never know what is going to happen when you live on a farm with several animals. But, I can honestly say this is a first. We love puppies…but we have too many dogs to keep these sweet babies. We have a couple more weeks then we will start giving them away. They are super sweet and will be a blessing to someone.


This one is a female and is very fluffy.


This one is also female and looks like an Aussie.

Border Collie Puppie

This one is also female. She has more of the border collie look to her. She appears to be the smartest one so far.

This one is too cute. He is a male.

This one is too cute. He is a male.

Update – We still have Mama Dog and one of her pups, Tiny Tim. Here is an updated photo of the two of them. This photo was taken 12/28/15.