Yesterday afternoon my hens took me on an egg hunt. It’s not quite time for Easter, but what the heck! We adults never get to hunt eggs! I went to let the hens out of their coop. In the meantime, my hubby and I were trying to get the garden in order. Our containers that we use for container gardening were lined up against the fence. They had been sitting there since we moved over a year ago. When I went over to start moving them, this is what I found!

A present! I like presents. There hadn’t been any eggs in the normal nest for the past couple of days. This explains why! I grabbed the eggs and took them inside. When I went back the second time to move the containers, this is what I found.

She didn’t waste any time getting into her new spot. Notice the tumbleweed she crawled under to get in there. I pulled out my phone and decided to record her. I might catch her actually laying an egg.  I recorded for about 3 minutes and then something else caught my eye.

There was a cute little nest under the dog pens. There were 3 green eggs nestled perfectly in a nest. I stopped recording and started trying to figure out how to get them out from under the pen.

As I looked for the best way to get under the pen, I found three more eggs scattered around the nest. I used a hoe to reach in and pull the eggs out. There ended up being six eggs total! After getting those collected and taken inside, I went back to check on the original hen. This is what I found.

I laughed out loud! I’m sure my hubby was wondering what was taking me so long. I grabbed the eggs, went back inside, and told my daughter I had been on a REAL easter egg hunt and my count for the day was 10! Later that day, I caught one of my hens burrowing down in some winter rye grass and she was making a nest!! She did not lay an egg…or at least one I was able to find… but later the dog had mysteriously acquired one. I kept checking all the new honey holes, but never found any more.

We officially moved all the containers to the garden area, but I’m not sure what I will do to keep the hens from randomly laying eggs around the yard. Usually they lay in the mornings so if I let them out in the afternoon, I’m in the clear. I guess a new system is in order. I did fancy up the nest in the coop so maybe they will start using it again. Until then, there may be more egg hunting in my future. Happy Easter!